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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Experience a breath of fresh air with O-Zone  Oxygen Bar. Relax and restore energy through inhalation of pure oxygen infused with natural essential oil  aromatherapy. Saturate your body with oxygen and experience a heightened level of wellness and rejuvenation including improved mood, sleep and energy levels.

  1. Our mission:

  • Is to shed light on oxygen bar purpose and provide natural solutions to certain health issues to both corporate and individual clients so they can make informed choices, so they may empower themselves to improve their overall quality of life.  **A Short History of the Oxygen Bar Oxygen bars are not a new invention. They first appeared as “air stations” in Japan, in the 1980s, in large cities with severe air pollution.  Inspired by this concept, the first recreational oxygen bar opened in Toronto, Canada in 1996. The concept soon became very popular across the US. By the end of the 1990s, oxygen bars became a staple in restaurants, hotels, night clubs in New York, California, Las Vegas, Florida, and the Rocky Mountains region. The oxygen bar has fallen out of popularity during the 2000s but made a comeback in recent years. People are now more health-conscious and want to try alternative well-being therapies, focused on natural products. And what could be more natural than the oxygen we all need to survive?

      2. Vision: 

  • To be valued for educating and providing alternative health options for our corporate and individual clients.

  • Be a resource for improving the quality of life for our corporate and individual clients.​

    3.  Values:

  • Integrity: We commit ourselves to provide all services with integrity, empathy, and respect.

  • Compassion: Our motivation is compassion and love for those we serve in our community.

  • Passion: Instill a passion for life by improving the quality of life for both  our corporate and individual clients.


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